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UTP Leaks – Shame to Media Movement

Salam and Hi,
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Salam and Hi,
Today I stumbled upon a website by and unknown UTPian called UTP Leak . Firstly I appreciate this individual’s effort to create another medium of information distribution i.e. a media for UTP students. By the word ‘leak’, this website must have reliable ‘inside’ sources of information especially regarding contentious issues in UTP e.g. Summons money, Pak Guard, etc. 
Nevertheless, when I skimmed through it, the mental picture made by its name utterly shattered. There are some good articles but the rest is so heart aching.
Here are some of the problems that I think is inappropriate and counter-productive to media movement in UTP.

  • Attitude towards readers – I have absolutely no problem with negative individual opinion (just reduce the overgeneralization a bit), however, a good media should seek to clarify and justify not pacify the readers. Here are some of the inappropriate replies by the admin in one of its posts.
woowwww... ramainya butthurt! ouch! hehe
miss uya: nak teruskn warisan? kepala bapak hang! jangan pasan lebih la woii.. tu korg jugak la kan yg pi ipoh main dota sume.. hek eleh
Shinpad: lu baru lepas layan porn jgn nak libatkan gua.. ecece..

korg ni... padan2 la buat maksiat...
tak ke mana pun Melayu duk menari lenggang-lenggok macam itik...
I don’t mind disagreeing with your readers, but if you really want to represent the mainstream of media movement in UTP, at least be generous in your replies to another fellow UTPians.
  • Baseless and Slanderous Posts – A good media must have good analysis and source for credibility. If this was a personal blog – no problem at all. But, now the admin of this blog project themselves to be a part of the mainstream media movement in UTP a.k.a. (The Inspirer, HOT, UTPress and UTP Daily), sharing none of our positive values. We are here to feed information, neutral, unbiased and accurate. Negative, yes we did, but not to the point of marking down another event for example. Fesco is just one event. Prejudice perceptions on its problems degrade your quality of reporting. So, your condemnation is lack in justification on why it is so or further analysis that how did it happened. Too shallow, shame to you so called “ UTP leak”, but you are leaking your own biasness and incompetency.
FESCO ke bagi apa? Haha! Dah la taun lepas, ramai kengkawan aku tak dapat seat eventhough dah beli tiket. Siap kene sound ngn komiti sebab berdiri. Wohohohohoho. Butt-hurt?
My advice to this guy, whoever you are, stop spending money to all those foolish guys. Cancel je event tu. Susah2 korang je pegi sana sini kutip sponsors. Let's witness UTP in its 'dark age' later together.... YEAHH!!! Apa pandangan anda especially komiti? Hehe

  • Trust/ Distrust – In personal blogs, you can say whatever you want because it is your own risk – doesn’t affect anyone else. But when you are suppose to be the trusted source of information by the people, your image and responsibility grows. My advice to UTP Leak is to BE RESPONSIBLE. Write with the intention to educate, offering different points of views and not provocation or extreme slanders. We media people, should gain the trust of the people. We are the check and balance for other student bodies and even UTP management. We are a private university anyway, where freedom of speech and to seek better services by the university are our rights. So it is up to us to educate and inform the public on issues pertaining to the university and the outside world (opening up student’s sense of Humanity). Actions took by UTP leak destroys the trust from the people and darkening the future of media movement in UTP. It will not just affect yourself but other media too. Thus, I call up to the UTP Leak’s admin to be more responsible in your image and writing – if they cant, please turn UTP Leak into a personal blog.   
Keep up the good work but perhaps UTP Leak is the youngest of all other Media, tends to make mistakes.


MOHD ASHRAF on March 14, 2011 at 12:13 AM said...

Dear admin,
I appreciate your effort reposting my blog here.
Nevertheless, I have corrected the spelling mistakes,perhaps you should copy the new one.

Thank you.

UTP Daily on March 14, 2011 at 9:24 AM said...


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