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Smart Tutor Succesfully Organized at SMK Layang-layang Kiri


Smart Tutor

On 5th March 2011, Culture and Society Department of SRCUTP 2010/2011 had successfully organized the first session of Smart Tutor programme. This event was the first attempt in rebranding the existing community service programme by introducing a continuous and a well-structured monitoring system. The event focuses to provide service in term of education development towards the community nearby the campus especially around Perak.

Since it was the first session in SMK Layang-Layang Kiri, we started with ice breaking session. About 70 Form 3 students took part in this program. They were already divided into respective groups before the session. So, it was easier for us to handle the smaller groups. Each facilitator chose their respective groups and started the ice breaking session in each group. They shared their most remarkable experiences despite inspiring the students. The session was continued by the students.

Opening Speech by Nabil

Next was the module session. We prepared four modules to be done for the introduction session. We started our module with circle game, whereby the students sat in their assigned group and they need to follow the instructions given carefully. Jia Ling, one of our facilitators gave instructions to put objects on the provided mahjong paper. The students need to place those objects within 15 seconds time. The students had a great time playing the game.

Grouping session

At about 10am, we played 3, 5 game. In each group, one student should start counting from number one. The next person continues accordingly and when comes to numbers of multiples 3 and 5, the person should say ‘boom’ instead of telling the number. Example, when it comes to number 35, the person should not say 35 but say ‘boom’.

Students had fun playing this game besides challenging their knowledge. Each facilitator should take care of their assigned group. After the break, we continued with coins game. Facilitators should distribute the coloured papers to each group and group once again according to the colours. Each coloured paper represents a coin value. Instructions will be given to form a group of certain money value. In 15 seconds time, the students should form the required groups. All facilitators should check whether the students have formed the correct groups. The students had difficulties in looking for the correct groups and took long time to count the coins.

Finally, we had short quiz consisting seven questions for the students. Some students found difficulties in solving the problems because their basic mathematics was not strong. We realised the level of the students and would like to take appropriate measures in order to bring up the students. Before leaving, we gave a small gift consisting a pen, pencil and eraser to boost the students interest to continuously attend the program and to show our love towards them.

In short, we had a great time with the students. I look forward for great co-operation and effort from all the facilitators to bring up our brothers and sisters. We should always share knowledge with those in need and patience in whatever we do. High levels of commitment are the key of a program’s success. Therefore, to achieve something, we need to be committed and never give up.

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Smart Tutor Event


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