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Assalamualaikum wbt / Selamat Sejahtera,

MPPUTP has noted that the internet coverage for the past few months was bad at most residential college. We have been reporting to the ITMS department in advanced so that they will identify the cause of connection breakdown and take immediate action to fix the problem. Recently we had done a meeting with Tn. Hj. Mohamed Noor Rosli together with Mr Abd Rahim bin Abd Rahmanfrom ITMS department to clarify the root cause of the slow and unstable internet connection in our campus.

From the information that we received, this problem was confronted by most students from certain villages but not the majority of UTP students. Previous weeks, Village 3, 4 and 5 had encountered unstable and slow internet connection for some period of time. Hence, we would advise those who might face the internet problem after this please kindly report to us by mentioning your particulars or directly refer to the ITMS-Help Desk at Management Office beside IRC.

The reasons given by the ITMS department behind the slow and unstable internet connection are:
1.      Online gaming: Due to heavy online gaming by students, the server had to support high upload and download of data causing the server to become slow.
2.      Sharing of data between rooms/blocks/villages: The transfer of data from the stated location requires huge certain amount of bandwidth thus refraining data from travelling outside of UTP server to the world. This causes the connection to be unstable
The two reasons mentioned above are clogging the internal networking in UTP and slowing down the internet connection from the Internet Service Provider. Thus, it was decided during the meeting that Online gaming and sharing of data between rooms/blocks/villages will be disabled by this week. Hopefully this will resolve the internet problem.

There will also be a book that is used to record the entire problem regarding the internet and soon after they receive your report, the IT Centre will identify your Port No and enable them to fix the problem. However, you must report as soon as possible when internet problems occur so that the IT Centre can pin point the direct cause. Some students report to us that they got better internet coverage within couple of day from the date of complaint.

Thus, we are highly encouraging students to make a report there. We are trying at our very best in making things easier but this is the only way that MPPUTP can help for this time being.  If you still have the problem after making the report OR the internet connection problem occurs to majority students at your respective village/block, do not hesitate to contact the Welfare Department of MPPUTP.  We’ll definitely do our best to assist you.

Kindly drop your report via SMS (Zakirin 013-4515733 @ Syahidah 0175803811) or email Particulars of your problem and your details are important for us to give feedback.


Welfare Department,
Student Representative Council 2010/2011


Anonymous said...

Online gaming? main game facebook? maybe itms should define and give details about online gaming... so we can clearly understand about the definition of online gaming by ITMS

Sharing data between village?
I think this problem become worst since all utp students use nbproxy which can be connected intervillage.

So i guess, ITMS should use the old system where we dont have to use proxy to access internet. Disabled nbproxy.

this is just my humble opinion.. :)

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TenangSudey on March 20, 2011 at 11:23 PM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TenangSudey on March 20, 2011 at 11:25 PM said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TenangSudey on March 20, 2011 at 11:29 PM said...

The above response is for internet slow right?

How about internet down last night and also few weeks ago?

Maybe can clarify more on that..

Btw, thanks MPP for ur effort. :) try to make MPP more visible to students :)

Blog Tenangsudey.

Anonymous said...

wow.....their reasons are flattering gaming?

I bet nobody here plays online game with UTP's connection. Plus, they blocked the port.

Sharing of data? Don't give me that damn reason. Sharing only involves LAN and got nothing to do with the internet.

Nice try ITMS. Cuba lagi meeting akan datang

Anonymous said...

itms mahu menipu dan memperbodohkan pelajar2...

pasni nak handle meeting ngan itms lagi.. bwk yg expert dlm bidang ni...

ya.. internet mmg slow.. tp kalo tambah lagi restriction tok sharing.. ape gune function cable lan dlm utp ni...

nak plajar bawak router sendri pastu pasang cable lan panjang2 antare bilik??? hahaha

V6 said...

macam mane pulak dgn internet connection kat v6?
connection ade banyak tapi x blh pakai especially kat Methana

Anonymous said...

online gaming maksudnya main game facebook ke? Kelakar juga ITMS ni...

Anonymous said...

Anon. tu la tatau cane definition online gaming ITMS... sebab tatau cane dak utp main online gaming ngan internet utp yg sgt stable di MAlaysia..

tu macam nak tahu la online gaming itms maksudkan ape.. game facebook ke cane?

Anonymous said...

pegi mampus mpp. bukan wakil pelajar tapi kuli utp. apa jwpn bodoh itms bagi terima je. camni pelajar utp? yang ada cos it high class ni? duh..

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