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First and foremost, thank God for giving us the chance to breathe and to live until this point of time. Praise Him too that with His blessing we are here today to fulfill our responsibilities and give back to our society, religion and country.

The semester break is approaching towards the end and the new semester will begin very soon. Here, I’m Muhammad Haniff Bin Humam; President of SRCUTP 09/10 on behalf of all SRCUTP members, would like to welcome back all students to our beloved campus with new spirit to open a new chapter of semester July 2010. I also take this opportunity to congratulate all students for the effort and hard work in striving for the best in the previous semester. Good job and congratulation on your achievement.

Being a student of Universiti Teknologi Petronas put us in such a lucky position. Only few were selected to have the chance to experience the great learning environment with experienced lecturers, diversity in student’s background, comfortable lecture rooms and laboratories and many more. Let us recall the excitement that we had on the very first day of registration in UTP. We all came with high hopes and ready to fight the uphill battle. Thus, I hope that the spirit will never fade and continue to motivate us along our studies.

Together with this welcoming address, I would also like to inform students on the restructuring of SRCUTP organization. The shuffle is meant to cater the shortage of members on the board which had left for Industrial Internship Program. They are our Secretary II; Ms. Jenani Jayavalan and three Excos; Mr. Mohammad Fakrurradhi Bin Hamthan, Ms. Devarani A/P Kumarasan and Ms. Siti Sara Lyana Binti Badly Sham.

Few changes had to be made in order to replace their absence and to ensure that all positions resume its functions. The changes are;

Public Relations Department will be handled by only one Exco; Mr. Awangku Alizul Azahari. He will be balancing all the in house and inter-university relations. He will also be frequently engaging with other executives and higher managements.

Sports and Recreational Department will be coordinated by an Acting Exco; Mr. Adi Zulhilmi bin Zainal Ambri to replace the absence of both Exco I and II. He is well versed in all S&R department’s job scope as he has been priory trained by the Excos while being a Rakan Exco (committee).

I would also like to announce on the establishment of a new department which is the Clubs Development Department. This Department will be led by the previous Exco II of Public Relation; Mr. Mohd Syahmi Syazwan. This department will be tied closely to Majlis Persidangan Presiden Kelab (MPPK). The role of MPPK is to synchronize and monitor the development, events, activities and performance of all Clubs officially registered in UTP. It is basically the collaboration of all clubs in UTP led by our Vice President I; Mr. Ahmad Umair Zubir.

The members of the council who are currently undergoing Industrial Internship Program will still continue their tasks and also representing SRCUTP at their respective locations. They will be assisting and monitoring the newly appointed successor and the existing members of the council.

Now that these changes have been officially implemented, I anticipate that it will help in running the council smoothly and will continue to fuel our progress.

Lastly, I would like to express my special thanks for your support since the beginning of SRCUTP 09/10 session and wish that the support will never lose its color. As student’s rights and necessities are always our priorities, I really hope that your trust will remain by our side in attempting for the betterment.

SRCUTP wishes you all the best and have a flourish semester!

Thank You.

“Pursuing Togetherness”

Muhammad Haniff Bin Humam


Student Representative Council 09/10

Universiti Teknologi Petronas

H/P: 013-474 5996

Email: haniff@srcutp.com


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